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Best Cool whatsapp status :- Looking for Cool whatsapp status ? here you will find best cool whatsapp status.

Following are the best Cool Whatsapp status :- 
  1. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.
  2. Yes i am smiling and you are the reason. 
  3. I love you. But i love me more.
  4. "Home" where i can look ugly and enjoy it.
  5. If i agreed with you we would both be wrong.
  6. Women are crushed, and men are the proof.
  7. Love is like heaven, but it can hurt like hell.
  8. I don't do bitter. i only get better.
  9. If you are a player. i am the coach.
  10. I am not anti-you, i am anti-stupid.
  11. Please replace your lipstick with a glue stick.
  12. There is always a little more toothpaste in the tube. Think about it !
  13. I am not special, I am just limited edition.
  14. I don't have dirty mind, I have sexy imagination.
  15. I am not arguing, I am simply explaining why i am right.
  16. If you obey all the rules, you will miss all the fun..!!
  17. I hate all my haters with my middle finger.
  18. I don't lose my mind, I just sold it online.
  19. Don't mind the weather, it's raining in my heart.
  20. I would agree with you, but then we would both be wrong.
  21. To shine like the sun, you need to burn like the one.
  22. I am not lazy i am on energy saving mode.
  23. You make it difficult fro me to be nice.
  24. Sugar coating just ain't be my style.
  25. I will be back before you pronounce aklfhdjvhegjfkshfsf.....
  26. God is really creative, I mean , Just look at me.
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